Hardcore / NJ / USA
"DREAM" - Out in late Summer 2014 on Fast Break! Records... 13 tracks - 11 brand new songs and a few other surprises... Stay tuned for the pre-orders, which will go up along side a complete album stream that you will be able to listen to for FREE before you decide to pick up the record! "IF I COULD BE ANYONE BUT ME" EP - DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! JUST CLICK "FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD" IN THE PLAYER! ORDERS FOR THE VINYL ARE AVAILABLE @ HTTP://WWW.HARVCORE.COM/STORE/LIFELESS/ - 3 VINYL COLORS, $5 EACH OR $13 FOR ALL THREE! Lifeless formed in 2008 from the ashes of two local hardcore bands we were in, Dead and Buried (DE) & When These Days End (NJ). Both bands had their individual problems and had pretty much missed their chance to do anything except play local venues, so it made sense for us to take what we thought were the passionate and real hardcore members from both bands, combine them, and form Lifeless, and we haven't stopped moving or writing heavy, pissed off, metal-influenced real hardcore since then. Immediately we led an onslaught of long weekends as far as we could go and played every show we could... anywhere from down the street, to areas like the Midwest, New England, as far south as North Carolina, and we've toured Europe, and beyond. We have previously released two records with our friends at Harvcore records - Our first full length "NLFTW", and our first EP "If I Could Be Anyone But Me". We are 5 real hardcore kids, with no other passions in life but this band and hardcore all-together, so we put everything into our music and our message and we'll keep pushing on until there is nothing left in us. We've never really made a penny, and in fact we've probably lost more money than we made, but we don't really care... We don't care if people download our music and it has been tradition for us to stream everything online for free before the official release of anything because more than anything, we want people to hear it. the only thing we ask is, if you do like what you hear, support us... whether it be paying for a show, buying a shirt, or buying an album... whatever. and hell, if you can't do that, sing along and have fun. seeing that is worth way more than any amount of money that we could ever make and we'll stay true to that school of thought all the way until the end.